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small batch items • made with intention • ingredients sourced from small producers
creative menus that please the palate

Ashley Capps & Travis Schultz

Ashley and Travis are a partnership rooted in mutual respect, care, and commitment. Their love
for each other and the work they do comes through in every forkful of the meals they build
together. They are both extraordinarily kind and generous people who appreciate hard work
and understand the importance of a balanced life. When they aren’t making homemade
dressings, baking cookies, writing and illustrating menus, or meeting with local farmers – they
are playing in their own garden at home, reading together, and spending time with the folks
they love. As self-proclaimed “food nerds,” Ashley shared that some of their early dates
together included pouring over old cook books and dreaming up menus, just for fun! These two
love sharing food, being surrounded by creative people, and encouraging those around them to
pursue their passions with enthusiasm. They make sure everyone in their presence has a full
cup and a nourished soul.

New Stock is more than a business. It is a way to enrich the community through food,
connection, empowerment, and generosity. Ashley Capps and Travis Schultz are building New
Stock with the Asheville community, putting thought and intention into every vendor and
partner. Their goal is to create a space that invites curiosity and creativity while supporting lots
of small businesses as they explore and grow.

Newstock Food Studio

191 Lyman St Studio 115

Asheville, NC 28801

Monday-Saturday 10-5
Sunday 11-4

Newstock Food Studio